A Reality

To phantom music's call,

you dance in the hall.

When madness doth fall,

'tis best at the ball.


It's the soul of my love that touches my heart.

Past lives together will not let us part.

The man in present stay reticent, somber...cold.

But when the soul peers, those moments are gold.

I am bound to his soul. I cannot flee.

My life is a torment... Agony set me free.

Place distance between us, an impotent cure.

Miles I have traveled, his soul ever the lure.

When comes the call, I am driven to reply.

My heart doth quicken, as though I will die.

I ponder the future, a fantasy of quietude.

The tortures of emotion, I am given to exclude.

I yearn for reprieve, resolution to the soul.

Until that time comes, I have moments of gold.

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