Be upon the shore - I cry, anchor to life.

Adrift upon this sea alone, world beset of strife.

Hold firm the cast of trust, thinly woven twine.

Beneath a fragile shell, suspicion doth bind.

Oh, guardian on the shore, you are my saving grace.

Veils have lifted one by one, a slow but steady pace.

Speak of possibility, change that will come.

Artistry on my wrist and thighs, speak volumes of past tries.

Reassure the pausing heart, sentinel at the keep.

Assent to the hand at tow, At shore - I will weep.


I reach for you with warm embrace, you say,

this if not the time or place.

I give you time, your space, you say,

have you no warm embrace.

I bring gifts, flowers - a charm, you say,

what of the financial harm.

I act toward economic mend, you say,

what is money but to spend.

I stand confused - what do I do, you say,

why ask me - I defer to you.

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