Journey with ghosts of love's lore, relive its warm touch once more.

Bathe in rapture of the limbic kind, love imbues a myth to bind.

Tenuous solace, sentinel of the stay, keeps new beginnings at bay.

It prolongs grief, it stalks the soul, Over timeā€¦ it may temper the hold.

But relinquish the heart and mind, nay... love imbues the myth to bind.


I enter among you stealth and sure.

I give no thought to what you call pure.

All are quarry for my wanton deed.

Lust for destruction... an embodied creed.

Hunger... not sated, I cast the lure.

I enter among you stealth and sure.

Hemic ravager with steady flow;

Deadly denouement - all so slow.

A multitude to fall in my wake,

I care not for what I take.

Until the wane... comes social cure,

I enter among you stealth and sure.

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